The Anxiety Workbook for Teens

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens

Activities to Help You Deal with Anxiety and Worry

International Best-Seller!

Parents and Professionals – This Book Can Help Your Anxious Teens!

“The Anxiety Workbook for Teens is a wonderful tool . . .  It is by far my favorite go-to workbook for adolescent anxiety.”

—Deb Norton, MS, LCPC, NCC

A fantastic resource . . .

Five Stars   “. . .this is the best book out there.  As a parent and as someone with a degree in clinical psychology, this earns my seal of approval. It’s simple to use, but backed by the science.”

-Amazon customer

Love using Schab books in therapy! Great asset for therapists and clinicians!! Evidence- based, organized and easy to apply!”

One of the “7 Best Anxiety Workbooks.”

“Teens will find this workbook an excellent source of learning about anxiety and advice for dealing with that anxiety. It is clear and accessible and targeted towards the kinds of concerns and problems that plague teenagers.”

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens, translated into five languages, is recognized around the world as a leading resource for anxiety management skills.  It ranks almost daily as an Amazon “#1 Best Seller” and is recommended on mental health websites for both professionals, parents, and teens.

With a solid base in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), (regularly documented as the most effective therapy for treating anxiety) more than 40 anxiety worksheets teach evidence-based techniques for both managing anxiety and preventing anxiety flare-ups.  Each activity educates readers on a basic concept, offers a teen story to illustrate the concept, and then provides questions designed to integrate the information and personalize it into the readers’ own real-life situations.

Not stopping at CBT, the book also informs readers on managing anxiety through diet, exercise, breathwork, visualization, meditation, time management, problem-solving, and more.  Special worksheets for managing panic attacks and managing phobias are included.

Therapists love this workbook for its easily adaptable worksheet format, but the teen-friendly formula also makes it comfortable for teens to use on their own.  As with most of Lisa Schab’s self-help materials, The Anxiety Workbook strives not only to educate, but to empower its readers.

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens has been listed as recommended reading for managing anxiety on the following sites and more:

Best teen support purchase EVER! This series of teen workbooks is one of the most valuable resources I have found for counseling my at-risk teenage students!  . . . My 6th-12th graders happily and often eagerly engage in the questionnaires and activities in these books! They also have told me that they feel like they really do help. That in and of itself is worth it to me!”

This book is so awesome! I got this for my anxious 13 year-old and it has helped her tremendously! Easy to understand, yet old enough (to) not to seem to babyish to her. Real suggestions she can start implementing right away and more importantly it helped! She is only 1/2 way through the book – I already notice an improvement.”

“Wonderful book to learn how to deal with anxiety!  This helped my daughter really understand why she has anxiety and helped her to learn how to deal with it! One of the best things I could ever buy!!!!

Five stars. “Excellent workbook for therapists working with the teen population struggling with anxiety. The worksheets are targeted for young individuals and are relatable to their age group! My clients have expressed improvement in managing anxiety following their completion of this very informative, easy-to-understand workbook.”

Five stars.  “Really great for teens and preteens alike. I’ve purchased for both my 10 year-old daughter and 13 year-old niece (along with an 18 year-old friend) and ALL of them find it helpful! I enjoy going through it with my daughter and it really encourages parent participation and talking to others.”

Five stars. . . excellent tool for your teen to have.  Our daughter suffers from severe anxiety and panic disorder. This workbook has helped her immensely.”

Professionals!  Earn CEUs for this course and more by Lisa Schab:

Anxiety:Practical Management Techniques

4 continuing education units

Nearly every client who walks through a health professional’s door is experiencing anxiety. Even if they are not seeking treatment for a specific anxiety disorder, they are likely experiencing anxiety as a side effect of other issues. Clinicians who can teach anxiety management techniques have tools that can be used in nearly all clinical settings and diagnoses. Anxiety management benefits the clinician as well, helping to maintain energy, focus, and inner peace both during and between sessions. This course offers a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use anxiety management tools.


  • Describe two natural bodily functions that serve as powerful and basic tools for anxiety management
  • Distinguish between the use of anxiety management techniques for prevention and intervention
  • List and define nine basic categories of anxiety management techniques
  • Identify at least one specific exercise in each of the nine basic categories of anxiety management techniques
  • Name ten anxiety management techniques that employ cognitive restructuring as their base
  • Describe two anxiety management techniques that address the specific disorders of phobia and panic attack
Talk to Lisa about speaking to your school, group or organization on these anxiety management topics, or ask about revising any topic to best suit your needs:

For Professionals

  • Writing It Out:  The Use of Journaling as an Adjunct to Therapy
  • Do You Think, Do You Breathe?  Practical Techniques for Anxiety Management (and/or Emotional Regulation)

For Parents

  • Help Your Child/Teen off The Emotional Roller Coaster:  How to Get Anxiety, Sadness, Anger & Mood Swings Under Control

For Adults

  • Writing It Out:  Self-Awareness and Self-Help Through Journaling
  • Do You Think, Do You Breathe?  Practical Anxiety Management Techniques to Use Now
  • Only Ride the Roller Coaster at the Amusement Park:  How to Keep Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, and Other Mood Swings in Check

For Teens/Young Adults

  • Your Journal, Your Self:  How to Use Journaling to Find Yourself & Help Yourself – at Home, School, and In Relationships
  • Only Ride the Roller Coaster at the Amusement Park:  How to Keep Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, and Other Mood Swings in Check

For Children 

  • Letting Out My Feelings:  A Writing & Drawing Journal That Helps!
More Anxiety Management Resources by Lisa Schab
Put Your Worries Here

100 creative, engaging, and evidence-based activities help teens manage anxiety in the moment.  Teens release stress by writing and shredding anxious thoughts, “texting” their anxiety, writing it a Dear John letter, calming their breathing, writing by candlelight, creating collages, peace tattoos, positive affirmations, and more.

Put Your Feelings Here

100 evidence-based activities help teens manage their emotions and learn coping skills while having fun.  Prompts include trying “brain yoga,” mindfulness, making confetti out of intense feelings, switching from OMG to LOL, breathing into peace, concocting emotional “soothies,” acting from Wise Mind, and writing overwhelming feelings on tissue and flushing them!

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