Beyond the Blues

Beyond the Blues

A Workbook to Help Teens Overcome Depression

Internationally Recognized As A Powerful Tool For Managing Teen Depression!

Parents and Professionals – Help Your Struggling Teens Regain Hope and Health

This workbook is an amazing tool to have as a clinician working with children. Most of these activities are interactive and allow a child to self-reflect on current symptoms and behaviors and past events that have caused depressive symptoms. This is one of my favorite tools to use in a session. As a therapist I highly recommend this workbook.

Lisa M. Schab, LCSW does an excellent job explaining the facts about depression and clearly outlining strategies that teens (or anybody) can use to process their feelings and disrupt the cycles that tend to perpetuate depression. She provides plenty of simple activities that most teens can incorporate into daily life as they go through treatment. These activities involve engaging creativity, emotion, and reaching out to others as well as modifying personal thought patterns. . . This book is a terrific resource and I will definitely recommend it to clients. I think it’s a wonderful adjunct to in-person therapy, and includes plenty of terrific suggestions in a user-friendly format.”

YOU NEED THIS WORKBOOK!  My daughter was having a hard time with divorce, self-esteem and anger (and impending teenager-hood). I was at my wits end and needed help immediately. I went right up to Barnes and Noble and found this miracle of a workbook and within twenty minutes, my daughter was diving into it and feeling empowered (no exaggeration.) It is a wonderful way for a child to work through their emotions without feeling that they are ‘being made to.’ She has even brought it with her on her little vacations to continue her path. Something I did not even suggest. Lisa has done great job with a great resource. I look forward to reading more of her books. Well done Lisa!!!”

This is an excellent tool to use when working with teens suffering from depression! Great way to process teens’ feelings that they are not able/willing to share directly.”

“We used this to help our teenage daughter with depression, anxiety and self-harm. I can’t say enough great things about this!

“I think this workbook does a great job of being geared toward teens and not being too young for them while conveying practical and helpful information. It provides many thoughtful and helpful activities for teens. . .  one of the best out there that I’ve found.

Available in five languages, the internationally acclaimed Beyond the Blues workbook is helping to combat the rising rate of teen depression.   Activities based mainly in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – once called the “gold standard” for treatment of depression – teach teenagers the skills they need to work with thoughts and feelings of helplessness and despondency, empowering them to find hope, support, and success in managing their mood.  Forty evidence-based depression worksheets address topics from coping with change, loss, and rejection to the power of perspective and feeling loved.  They teach skills on problem-solving, stress management, assertiveness, social communication, conflict management and more.

Along with cognitive skills, Beyond the Blues also informs on the effects of nutrition, alcohol, street drugs, and physical exercise on mood.  Teens learn to use breathwork, creative expression, and mindfulness to move out of sadness. And finally, this resource educates teens and their families about the use of counseling, support groups, and creating emergency plans for times of crisis.

Beyond the Blues is a significant addition to every therapist’s resource shelf and a great assist for any parent seeking to help their teen off the shaky ground of depression.

Beyond the Blues is recommended for managing depression on these websites and more:

“A “must have” collection for anyone who works with teens.”

“A staggering 20 percent of teens show signs of serious depression and too few get the help they need. Too often depression in teens is dismissed as simply part of growing up or as an expression of teenage melodrama. In Beyond the Blues, depressed teens finally get the help they need. The forty exercises in this book show teens how to overcome feelings of hopelessness and isolation that often go along with depression. Step-by-step they learn how to lift their mood, recognize the triggers of depression, and ask for help when they need it. Teens also take on the low self-esteem and negative thought patterns that are so often part of depression. Depression in teens is serious and real. So is the help offered in Beyond the Blues.

I’ve purchased several Schab workbooks and just as the others all of her activities are evidence-based. Teen depression is one of those things that require a lot of flexibility from a therapist in order to keep up with the changing demands of issues faced by teens. Schab’s exercises offer needed flexibility for a multitude of issues surrounding teen depression.”

GREAT BOOK!!  My daughter read it, and she understood many things I, as her mother, couldn’t get through to her. She sees things slightly different and understands herself and knows that it’s normal to feel sad at times as a teenager. VERY GOOD BOOK, SO GLAD I GOT IF FOR MY DAUGHTER (14yrs old).”

There is not enough good I can express, perfect! . . . We have a girl that is entering the teen years, that suffers from a neurological/mental health disorder that just makes everything more difficult for her. We have found that this series is just beyond awesome, every single book! Each workbook works through the issue at hand in an exploration framework to start out, individualized therapy for the person to see where the problem originates, and moves through many helpful exercises, and strategies to make everything so much easier to deal with! We have had a well-trained therapist for years, a great child psychiatrist, and, I am studying to be a child psychologist myself, after my own experiences, and, these books are exceptional help for younger than teen, teen, and, even adults we’ve all found.”

I found this to be a great resource for working with teens who experience depression. I particularly like the activities around changing one’s perspective about situations, the explanations about factors contributing to depression, and the emphasis on being active.”

My 14 year-old was really skeptical and thought this would be stupid. Once I convinced her to really give it a try, she actually enjoys doing it.

Great help for my teenage daughter to work through her depression. It really helps her organize her thoughts and feelings of sadness.”

This workbook was really helpful for me, and unlike other workbooks it didn’t make me feel…crazy or undermined or anything.”

Very good therapy tool! This is clear, concise, to the point, and avoids using big words. I plan on using it in therapy with both teens and adults. This has made it very clear what signs and symptoms of depression are and identifying how clients can know when they may be experiencing some of these.”

This is an extremely nice workbook that will compliment any counseling session or be used alone. Suggested activities act alone and can be done individually which allows teens who are frustrated with this aspect of their lives to have control. Skipping around in it is not a problem and each suggested activity is productive when your teen decides to complete it. I believe most teens will find this book applicable and pointed to their struggles.”

“Gets to the heart of the matter. Very well written and speaks directly to the individual who suffers depression. My clients offer positive feedback as well.

“I work in a domestic violence shelter as a youth advocate.  One of the lovely things about this book is that so much of the information and so many of the activities are relevant to adults, too, even if they’re tailored to a younger audience. The information is presented in a highly accessible way, and I anticipate the activities in the books to be useful not only to the teens in the shelter but to the adults as well.”

“As a high school social worker, I use this workbook in both individual and group sessions. Feedback from my students is that the exercises are relevant to their depressive symptoms, are clear and age-appropriate, and help increase their awareness of and accountability for behaviors. Beyond the Blues addresses all the facets of the recovery process. I could not ask for a more comprehensive book to address treating depression in adolescents.

—Megan Sayre, LCSW

Talk to Lisa about speaking to your school, group or organization on these emotional regulation topics, or ask about revising any topic to best suit your needs:

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  • Help Your Child/Teen off The Emotional Roller Coaster:  How to Get Anxiety, Sadness, Anger & Mood Swings Under Control

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  • Your Journal, Your Self:  How to Use Journaling to Find Yourself & Help Yourself – at Home, School, and In Relationships
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  • Letting Out My Feelings:  A Writing & Drawing Journal That Helps!
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