Self Esteem for Teens

Self-Esteem for Teens

Six Principles for Creating the Life You Want

A Solid and Inspiring Follow-Up to the International Best-Seller:  The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens!

Parents – This “Road Map to Confidence” teaches your teen core values that establish a lifelong base for maturity, happiness, health, and success!

Professionals – Each therapeutic concept is illustrated with teen stories, exercises for practice and timely “wisdom tales” that operationalize the principle for your clients!

“In a culture where value is often measured by how many followers or likes you attain on social media, this book by Lisa Schab hits the mark. . .   This is a must-read for all teens!

—Lucie Hemmen, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist, author of Parenting a Teen Girl and The Teen Girl’s Survival Guide, mother of two teen girls

Lisa Schab skillfully translates powerful clinical concepts from mental health research and treatment, and offers them to adolescents in plain talk. Self-Esteem for Teens is a valuable guide for all youth. These principals work!

—Britt H. Rathbone, MSSW, LCSW-C, expert adolescent therapist, trainer, author, and coauthor of What Works with Teens, Dialectical Behavior Therapy for At-Risk Adolescents, and Parenting a Teen Who Has Intense Emotions

Five stars. “I’ve been reading this book for the past couple of days and it’s really changed the way I see things . . . It’s given me more confidence as to who I am as a person whether it’s about my look or how I feel internally . . . “

This interactive book has a wonderful balance of great advice, fun stories, examples that teenagers can relate to, and practical exercises and strategies that are easy to apply, but powerful. It is insightful, easy to read, and has all the ingredients to help anyone take control of their self-esteem and their life.”

—Nadine Kunesh, MEd,MS, high school teacher Carlsbad, CA; former teacher and parent group program coordinator for Community Home Education Program (CHEP)

Publishers Weekly – 

This mix of concrete suggestions, frequent affirmations, and allegorical ‘wisdom tales’ that get at the heart of what it means to have self-worth offers multiple avenues for growth.

Self-Esteem for Teens is a powerful and compelling guide based in sound truths that withstand the test of time.

Six solid, realistic principles informed by centuries of wisdom empower teens to take charge of their self-esteem and their life journeys:

  • My self-esteem is in my hands.
  • Every human being has intrinsic value and worth, including me.
  • My greatest value, potential, and power lie in my authentic self.
  • Feeding the positive grows the positive.
  • There is a reward in every struggle.
  • I am not limited by my circumstances.

Each principle connects with real teen self-esteem issues such as:

  • Looks and body image
  • Judging and comparing
  • Self-messages
  • Handling mistakes
  • Being true to your authentic self

Fictional teen stories offer relevant illustrations for each concept, and the Learn-Explore-Become-Affirm format teaches teens important and effective ways to work out the six principles in their lives:

Attitude, Gratitude, Compassion, Assertiveness, Managing Feelings, Tolerating Discomfort, Taking Responsibility, Conviction, Possibility, Turning It Around, and Finding Inner Peace are all tools that give teens guidance as well as hope for a positive self-concept and the possibility of creating the life they want.

Self-Esteem for Teens is a rich resource for teens to understand the power they have in thinking positively about themselves. The organization and practical exercises make this book helpful either on its own or as a supplement to therapy.”
—Michael L. Welsh, PsyD, clinical psychologist and executive director at Cornerstone Family Counseling

“This was a great book. . . I liked the examples it had, very appropriate for the age target, and the wisdom tales were so beautiful.”

Five stars. “The intention of her book is to serve as a foundation where teens can begin to understand that they’re in control of their individual self-esteem, and eventually their own destiny. She does this not merely by talking about this subject matter, but by giving her teenage readers real-life situations they can associate their lives with, along with useful exercises designed as a self-exploration of themselves.  While this book is targeted for the teenage reader, I believe many adults could benefit from this book as well. For helping others in finding their ‘lost’ self-esteem, I’ve given this book 5 STARS.”

“Lisa Schab’s book empowers teens to take charge of their self-esteem through the use of stories, exercises, and affirmations. Self-Esteem for Teens teaches the reader how to manage their emotions while reminding them that it’s okay to make mistakes. Schab’s expertise and understanding of the adolescent experience is evident in her writing as she is able to provide practical solutions while also showing compassion for the teenage experience.
—Emily Hasselquist,LCSW, high school social worker and therapist in private practice

Five Stars “. . .  for anyone who wants a positive outcome or change their life or the way they see themselves The Self-Esteem book has activities, short stories, and examples. Very helpful!

This book is a wonderful guide to supporting teens that struggle with self-esteem. The chapters provide psychoeducation in an easy to digest manner that naturally lends itself to natural conversations with teens. The ‘wisdom tales’ are also wonderful conversation starters and a beautiful catalyst for critical thinking.”

“Author Lisa Schab recognizes that teen years are complex. She clarifies how youths experience many mixed emotions, thoughts, and feelings as they navigate this time in their lives. Readers are provided with practical exercises and encouraged to explore their findings to develop self-awareness. The book is filled with examples of real-life situations that all teenagers can relate to, and is a useful tool (resource) for teens today.
—Kristen Dahl, MS, student counselor at College of Lake County

“Lisa Schab’s new book Self-Esteem for Teens, is an innovative guide for young adults, their parents, and helping professionals in developing healthy attitudes and positive self-images. Presented in clear, descriptive writing, this workbook offers a logical approach to delving into six key principles that when put into practice can transform a teen’s life. Schab explains brain biology in easily understandable terms, and then how healthy self-esteem puts happiness and success within reach in all aspects of a teen’s life: school, social, family, and work situations. … Schab’s use of ‘wisdom tales’ and contemporary examples allows teens to feel good about their individuality as they explore and challenge their thought processes. … This is a powerful workbook that will greatly benefit young people and those who care about them.
—Mary Jo Belenski, EdD, assistant professor and undergraduate public health program coordinator, Montclair State University

Lisa Schab takes some very complicated concepts and simplifies them into very accessible and digestible pieces. She uses plenty of examples to present the concepts in a variety of ways, so that every reader can find an approach that works for them. Even if teens don’t actively do the exercises, the concepts can stick with them. Presenting both “What to know” and then “What to do” helps teens both understand the concepts, and feel empowered to be able to actively alter their scenario. Every teen can find something in this book that will stick with them and help them improve their self-esteem.

This book empowers teens to take charge of their self-esteem by choosing their beliefs and making power-filled choices.  The book is relatable and provides useful examples of what healthy and unhealthy self-esteem looks like in a variety of situations.  Teens are lead through stories and exercises to increase their self-understanding.  This exploration is paired with education and practical information that is easy to understand.”

“I liked the examples given for each principle as they were relatable and down to earth. I also liked seeing that some of the strategies were pulled from evidence-based treatments for anxiety/depression/cognitive distortions which come up for all of us. Even though this book is targeted for a teen audience I think its practices can be applicable to teens and adults.

“I’m 45 and read and loved it. I think it should be required reading for everyone, what a nicer world we would live in if everyone knew some of these great lessons ; )”

“I’ve got low self-esteem. There are many teenagers these days that have that and I would definitely recommend this book to them.”

As someone who is surrounded by teenagers every day, I know how self-esteem plays a huge role in their lives. I think this book could definitely help everyone, at least one little bit.”

Talk to Lisa about speaking to your school, group or organization on these self-esteem topics, or ask about revising any topic to best suit your needs:

“Lisa’s knowledge of self-esteem is extensive.  She’s an expert on it.”
-Workshop participant

For Professionals

  • Creating Healthy Self-Esteem:  6 Central Principles for Clients to Embrace

For Parents

  • Help Your Child/Teen Create Healthy Self-Esteem:  6 Principles to Model and Teach

For Adults

  • The Power of Your Authentic Self:  How to Find and Celebrate the True You
  • Healthy Self-Esteem:  6 Principles for Creating the Confidence You’ve Always Wanted

For Teens

  • Healthy Self-Esteem:  Why You Need It, How You Can Get It
  • The Power of Your Authentic Self:  How to Find and Celebrate the True You

For Children

  • Cool, Calm & Confident:  Learning Assertiveness & Feeling Good About Me
The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens

This international best-seller was named in Tutorful’s Best Child Self-Esteem Boosters/Resources 2018.  40 evidence-based self-esteem worksheets teach cognitive, emotional, and social skills that empower teens to gain confidence, make positive decisions, withstand peer pressure, and celebrate their authentic selves.

The Self-Esteem Habit for Teens

This pocket-size volume offers 50 practical Positive Thought and Positive Action techniques for building healthy self-esteem in a 3-step Perceive It- Believe It-Achieve It format.  Teens can flip through and try the tip that feels right for them each day.

Cool, Calm, and Confident

Internationally recognized as a leading resource for teaching assertiveness, the 40 assertiveness worksheets in this book help to break the bullying cycle by giving both aggressive children and passive children the confidence and skills they need to use healthy, assertive communication.

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