The Divorce Workbook for Children

The Divorce Workbook for Children

Help for Kids to Overcome Difficult Family Changes and Grow Up Healthy

Internationally Recognized as a Top Counseling Tool for Children in Divorcing Families!

  • Helps kids stay stable and steady through divorce
  • Teaches coping skills for handling feelings and fears
  • Keeps kids out of the middle of grown-up problems

Parents – Help your children feel safe through the ups and downs of family change – and help yourself to better understand their needs!

Professionals – Sensitive stories and worksheets open up pertinent topics for young clients!

This workbook is a great resource that every school should have.  I am a school counselor and use this workbook in my family change groups.  It has great stories and ideas to help children . . . There are helpful activities that you can use for every weekly meeting and the occasional illustrations are good.  The kids I work with really like these activities and I will use this book again and again!

“Love the series.  Five stars.  Works great!

My five year-old was dealing with a divorce and separation from her stay-at-home daddy. She was angry, she didn’t cry, she didn’t understand and I was losing my sweet baby to emotions she had no clue how to deal with. I came across this book and it became her outlet, when she started to feel sad or down she would say mommy I need to get the divorce book out.  In other words, I want to talk about it but I don’t know what to say. She also started asking for paper to draw her feelings and this was something she learned from the book. The whole key is communication and even a child psychology major like myself had no clue what to do or say.  I thank God for this book and for saving my little girl lots of grief down the road.

“As a school social worker I use this book when students are shy or to help with talking points. When we are finished with our time together, I send the little ‘book’ we’ve made home and have heard positive things in that regard. One of the better divorce workbooks out there.

Available in four languages, The Divorce Workbook for Children offers 40 caring and critical divorce activity worksheets that ease children from divorcing families into conversation and exploration of their experience with this life change.  Important concepts are reiterated:

  • You did not cause your parents’ divorce.
  • Your parents will not stop loving you.
  • You will still be taken care of.

Feelings of sadness, anger, fear, guilt, helplessness, and even happiness are normalized, and children are taught healthy coping skills for accepting and managing those emotions.

Stories, art projects, questions, useful facts, journal exercises, and other activities help children reflect, ask questions, and express themselves so they can eventually accept and adapt to their new circumstances.  Topics include:  feeling caught in the middle, separating from parents’ conflicts, handling parents moving away, parents beginning to date, parents who need help, and the often-present fantasy of parents getting back together again.

*Children who can openly address their difficult feelings and thoughts about their parents’ divorce with a caring adult will more often come out of their family break-up more easily and with less emotional and behavioral problems down the road.*

This workbook is a great resource to work off of and plan your sessions. It is also useful for parents to use as a guide to talk to your kids about a divorce.”

Five stars.  Great book for therapists to use as a reference.”

This workbook provides some great tools that assist children in dealing with divorce. It discusses issues on how to cope with divorce to divorce not being their fault. The worksheets are very eye-opening for kids. As children work through them and discuss them, the worksheets often bring about new perspectives. I use these with children I work with in therapy so I am sure to really process their experiences while working through these sheets.”

“This book provides many helpful activities to incorporate into counseling sessions. Activities cover important topics.”

Professionals!  Earn CEUs for this course and more by Lisa Schab:

The Challenge of Co-Parenting:
Helping Split Couples To Raise Healthy Kids

2 continuing education units

While professionals have long worked with intact couples on parenting skills, they must now also be versed in teaching parents who live in separate homes how to establish healthy “co-parenting” abilities. This course provides a basic understanding of the significant issues unique to children of split couples and how to help co-parents address these issues while at the same time overcome the blocks that prevent them from working together in a healthy way.


  • List three basic goals of working with co-parents
  • Describe two aspects of the healthy co-parenting mindset
  • Identify five significant issues of children from split families
  • Name two common blocks to effective co-parenting
  • List three steps for forming a working business relationship between co-parents
  • Identify three guidelines for working with only one co-parent’s cooperation
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