The Divorce Workbook for Teens

The Divorce Workbook for Teens

Activities to Help You Move Beyond the Breakup

Internationally Recognized Resource for Helping Teens Through Divorce!

One of the “Top 5 Books About Divorce for Teens”
-Family LLB Ontario Divorce Education Centre

Parents and Professionals – Adolescence Is Challenging Enough on an Average Day – Help Your Teens Stay Stable During Family Changes

A++++++ Purchased for my teen nieces after a particularly difficult and protracted divorce ‘battle’ threw their world into a spin. Not only did they utilize them… the workbooks received rave reviews from their family counselor! (She called me to ‘source them,’ as she plans to use them in her practice.)”

Five stars.  One of the best books I’ve read dealing with divorce and how it affects the family as a whole, but especially the teenager in the home.  Let’s face it, teens are already going through so much.  This really does go through all the steps.  Dealing with the initial announcement, grief, thoughts of fault, denial, pain, hurt, anger, lashing out, and then acceptance.  This book also contains worksheets your teen can go through writing their own thoughts.  Each chapter gives examples of teens and their responses.  A must have for any home dealing with divorce and the teenager who lives in it.

My 15 yr.-old daughter loved this book, I would recommend it to anyone who has teens from a divorced family, no matter how old they were when you divorced.”

A must for any school counselor.  This is my go-to book for helping students dealing with divorce. Although it is a self-help book the activities can be modified to work with students individually or in groups. A must-have for any school counselor’s library.”

“Read this.  It helped so much after my parents’ divorce!”

*Teens from divorcing families are more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues than are their counterparts from intact family units.*

Available in three languages, The Divorce Workbook for Teens provides a gentle yet decidedly effective guide to help teens address the issues they face as they experience this challenging life event.

More than 40 divorce activities worksheets help teens to tackle:

  • Emotional challenges of coping with grief, fear, guilt, depression, anger, and abandonment.
  • Physical changes of living in two homes, moving, visitation, and financial status.
  • Learning skills to help them to be cared for, be separate from their parents’ problems, to stay out of the middle of parental conflict, and to love both parents.
  • Developmental issues of their own sexuality, gender, and feelings about marriage and romantic relationships and how these are affected by the divorce.

Teens will find help from the straightforward yet sensitive approach of this book as they navigate their way through this tough life transition.

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I’m a youth/adolescent therapist and I’ve used this workbook with several of my clients. It has a very sequential theme to it, so it’s easy to go in order, or skip some of the feelings/worksheets that don’t apply to the particular client. Wonderful workbook!

Awesome.  This book helped me so much.  Thank you sooooooo much.  I hope this works for others.  Good luck everyone and don’t be scared to talk about what’s going on.”

Great book. Every counselor should own a copy.

“Lisa has developed a practical workbook to help teens work through the changes that result from divorce. As a therapist and owner of, I have witnessed firsthand the various ways teens are affected by divorce. Lisa’s workbook is a great addition to any therapist’s tool box to assist families through the transition of divorce.”

—Kimberly A. Kick, LCSW, (& Associates, LTD) owner,

Very useful in helping teens deal with painful feelings surrounding divorce, as well as separation.”

Professionals!  Earn CEUs for this course and more by Lisa Schab:

The Challenge of Co-Parenting:
Helping Split Couples To Raise Healthy Kids

2 continuing education units

While professionals have long worked with intact couples on parenting skills, they must now also be versed in teaching parents who live in separate homes how to establish healthy “co-parenting” abilities. This course provides a basic understanding of the significant issues unique to children of split couples and how to help co-parents address these issues while at the same time overcome the blocks that prevent them from working together in a healthy way.


  • List three basic goals of working with co-parents
  • Describe two aspects of the healthy co-parenting mindset
  • Identify five significant issues of children from split families
  • Name two common blocks to effective co-parenting
  • List three steps for forming a working business relationship between co-parents
  • Identify three guidelines for working with only one co-parent’s cooperation
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Talk to Lisa about speaking to your school, group or organization on these emotional health topics for teens, or ask about revising any topic to best suit your needs:

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