The Self-Esteem Habit for Teens

The Self-Esteem Habit for Teens

50 Simple Ways to Build Your Confidence Every Day

A “Bite-Sized” Daily Companion Book to the International Best-Seller: The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens!

Parents and Professionals – This small and mighty volume gives teens dozens of choices for learning and practicing healthy self-esteem!

From School Library Journal –

“Deftly written, easy to follow and comprehend, and completely on target, this self-help guidebook belongs in every school and public library nonfiction collection serving teens.”

—Diane P. Tuccillo, Poudre River Public Library District, CO

Excellent resource that can be used by everyone—young and old! ‘Perceive it, believe it, achieve it!’ is a thought and activity process in the book that can be used in every area of life. In addition, the fifty simple ways to build confidence are just that—simple. Finally, the exercises are easily personalized for each person. Highly recommended! Great workbook!

—Kim Kanish, blended case manager, Family Psychological Association

“I have been looking for suggestions & ideas to help give my teen more confidence in herself and when I fell across this book, I was ecstatic. The author provides a list of various and simple ways for teens to boost themselves. I think this is a great resource for any teen and/or parent to foster ideas if they are struggling.

“ . . . readers are sure to find helpful techniques for building themselves up in the real world.”

-Publishers Weekly

Did you know . . .

  • That smiling sends a signal to your brain to release “feel-good” chemicals?
  • That practicing gratitude can help raise your confidence?
  • That it’s never too late to turn things around?
  • That you’re the only one who controls your self-esteem?

The Self-Esteem Habit for Teens . . .

Provides 50 important and effective evidence-based activities that a teen can read or try in a few minutes each day, either with a helping professional or on their own ~

  • Is short and sweet
  • Is easily “digestible”
  • Doesn’t overwhelm already overwhelmed teens
  • Gives short teen scenarios for each tip to normalize the readers’ experience

This compact confidence booster teaches 25 “Positive Thought” and 25 “Positive Action” tips set in an easy-to-follow 3-step format:  “Perceive It – Believe It – Achieve It!”

Based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), neuroscience, and the principles of mindfulness, goals range from dealing with various insecurities to friendships, making good choices, making amends, and reversing self-harm.

Tips include suggestions for practicing gratitude, radical acceptance, being non-judgmental both personally and of others, celebrating one’s strengths, finding more than one source for self-esteem, facing challenges head-on, and setting boundaries.

Each concept (Perceive It) is followed by an affirmation (Believe It), an action for practice (Achieve It), and then a positive, encouraging quote.

Teens can flip through and try the tip that feels right for them each day. If you don’t like one, try another one!

Therapists and professionals can spend a few minutes in each counseling session with these bite-sized tips or use them as effective homework suggestions to assist teen clients in taking charge of their own self-esteem.

An excellent read—full of guidance and practical, ageless wisdom for teens who are looking to better themselves.”

—Robert W. Hasselmann, MA, middle school teacher, Robbins, IL

Five stars.  I read this because I will one day have 6 teenagers in the same house at the same time. 😳 I read this and then summarized it with my 14 year-old, and I feel like it definitely helped. . . I loved the quotes at the end of each topic. My favorite one was, ‘The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.  Steven Furtick’”

“My therapist recommended this book. It has a good layout and is easy to follow.”

This book was very helpful, and it gave me a lot of wonderful lessons. I felt like I can relate to some things and others are just great tips to keep in mind. I don’t regret reading this book at all. My mom recommended it to me and I’m glad she did. At first, I thought this book would be boring and only telling me advice that was the same as every book. I will rate this book a 5/5 because this book was very specific and it had a story for every step as an example.

As with other books written by the author on this subject, this is easy to read, makes sense, and easy to apply with my clients individually, in group settings, or in family therapy sessions. My clients’ ages range between ten and twenty-three, and many are at-risk youth, children, and families. I like using the book for ideas to assist clients who struggle with depression, bullying, and anxiety. They find the information applicable as they read and journal, and we process new skills. The information is therapeutic and backed by empirically sound research. This is not merely a ‘self-help’ book. This book is a great tool I’ve added to my counseling toolbox.”

—Nancy DeWeese, MAMHC, LPC, family therapist with Professional Services Group

“The information given was nice and easy to use and try out in real life situations.

“Lisa Schab’s The Self-Esteem Habit for Teens is a well-articulated definition of self-esteem and how a teen can acquire and strengthen it in their life. It’s really simple and easy to follow, builds on itself, and it’s not boring. … This manual is a ‘must-have’ for any teen who wants to feel good about themselves.”

—Edward J. Nekarda, LCSW, BCD, MDiv, psychotherapist in private practice, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) specialist, and certified rapid trauma resolution therapist

A wonderful resource and guide for all ages. The exercises in this book are easy to follow and there is something to appeal to almost everyone looking for a self-esteem boost or reset. I finished reading with the thought that I wish I would have had this when I was a teen.”

—Ann Almgren, president at Harvard Diggins City Library Board, Harvard, IL

Talk to Lisa about speaking to your school, group or organization on these self-esteem topics, or ask about revising any topic to best suit your needs:

“Lisa’s knowledge of self-esteem is extensive.  She’s an expert on it.”
-Workshop participant

For Professionals

  • Creating Healthy Self-Esteem:  6 Central Principles for Clients to Embrace

For Parents

  • Help Your Child/Teen Create Healthy Self-Esteem:  6 Principles to Model and Teach

For Adults

  • The Power of Your Authentic Self:  How to Find and Celebrate the True You
  • Healthy Self-Esteem:  6 Principles for Creating the Confidence You’ve Always Wanted

For Teens

  • Healthy Self-Esteem:  Why You Need It, How You Can Get It
  • The Power of Your Authentic Self:  How to Find and Celebrate the True You

For Children

  • Cool, Calm & Confident:  Learning Assertiveness & Feeling Good About Me
The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens

This international best-seller was named in Tutorful’s Best Child Self-Esteem Boosters/Resources 2018.  40 evidence-based self-esteem worksheets teach cognitive, emotional, and social skills that empower teens to gain confidence, make positive decisions, withstand peer pressure, and celebrate their authentic selves.

Self-Esteem for Teens

In a 6×8 backpack-size format, Lisa Schab lays out 6 core life principles that feed Healthy Self-Esteem, and compliments them with 6 Wisdom Tales and optional exercises for putting it all into practice.

Cool, Calm, and Confident

Internationally recognized as a leading resource for teaching assertiveness, the 40 assertiveness worksheets in this book help to break the bullying cycle by giving both aggressive children and passive children the confidence and skills they need to use healthy, assertive communication.

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