The You & Me Workbook

The You & Me Workbook

A Book That Teaches Social Skills and Social Awareness

*Another Great Resource for Combatting Bullying*

Parents –   Help your child learn social skills, make friends and feel more confident!

Professionals – This book includes a CD with reproducible activities!

This book is part of The Counselor’s Activity Books Series which includes Lisa Schab’s Coping Skills Workbook, Anger Solution Workbook and more!

This book also has a corresponding therapeutic board game, The You & Me Social Skills Game!

The You & Me Workbook has been a helpful resource to have, as the activities are concise and to the point. They are a good starting point for deeper discussions on the particular social skill they address. The illustrations are fun and engaging for the students as well!”

-Christine Y, LCSW, School Social Worker, Greater Suburban Area Chicago, IL

“A great series!  I love this series and these workbooks for kids!  . . . As a school counselor, I am able to use these books when I meet with groups as well as individuals. . . . There are many stories and activities for each weekly meeting and the activities are useful and relevant.  You will appreciate the conversation starters that this book provides.  Kids enjoy the activities and you will, too.  I highly recommend these books!

The You & Me Workbook is packed with social skills activities worksheets that include games, puzzles, stories and activities designed to help children raise their social awareness and build relationship skills. Fun exercises guide kids to understand human nature, learn specific ways to make conversation, and know what to do when meeting new people. They also address the common challenges of solving problems with others, managing conflict, and handling teasing or bullying.

Six content areas addressed include:

  • Meeting New People
  • Talking to People
  • Understanding People
  • When People Hurt Us
  • Solving Problems with People
  • Managing Conflict with People

Creative, child-friendly activities include titles such as “The Magic Mirror,” “Brainstorm Bubbles,” “The Feelings Detective,” and ”Garden of Friends.”

This workbook is designed to help children learn and practice the basic social skills needed to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Children learn practical methods of coping and thriving in social situations that will benefit them throughout their lives.

A terrific workbook for kids who need help with understanding social cues and developing their own inter-personal skills. It is also a great resource for parents!  A valuable library addition to add to any school with or without social/emotional curriculum!”

-M.B. early childhood educator and camp director, Lincolnshire, IL

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Contact Lisa about presenting assertiveness and self-esteem in children workshops for your group or organization:
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